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Policy Statement - Quality

Policy Statement - Environmental

Policy Statement - Health & Safety

Policy Statement - Quality

It is the policy of the Company to operate its business in a manner that consistently meets or exceeds the quality standards set by affected stakeholders - being customers, industry regulators and the communities within which the Company operations are conducted. The Company is committed to continuously improving the quality of Company operations and the services provided by the Company.

Service quality is a customer determination and as such the Company will strive to:

  • Identify the changing needs and expectations of our customers.
  • Maintain processes and procedures which ensure that these changes are accommodated.
  • Provide services on time and at the lowest cost.
  • Train all staff and contractors to act in accordance with the requirements of this policy.

Policy Statement - Environmental

As an environmentally aware company we recognise our responsibility to minimise the impact our products and activities have on the environment. We are committed to reducing and eliminating the adverse impacts our organisation can have on the environment by employing sustainable business practices.

We aim to continually improve our environmental performance. To achieve this we will:

  • Keep up to date and comply with all relevant environmental legislation.
  • Design our products to minimise waste in the manufacturing process.
  • Reduce our energy consumption by employing energy efficient technology and good environmental behaviours.
  • Collect and recycle waste from our processes wherever possible.
  • Educate our staff to respect the environment and promote sustainable business practices.

Policy Statement - Health & Safety

The Directors acknowledge their corporate responsibility for the health, safety and welfare of their employees at work and for the protection of other persons against risk to their health and safety out of or in connection with the activities undertaken by Lam-Art (Dundee) Ltd.

The Company is fully committed to meeting its safety, health and environmental responsibilities in terms of complying with relevant legislation. The Directors shall transmit within their sphere of control and influence, the belief and commitment that safety, health and environmental protection are an integral element of all our activities and is of equal importance to quality of service.

The Directors have joint responsibility for the implementation of health and safety arrangements. This includes the monitoring and reviewing of the Safe Systems of Work; with are designed to ensure that Lam-Art (Dundee) Ltd is meeting its legal obligations and to provide a springboard for Continuous Improvement Principles.

All employees and sub-contractors have a legal Duty of Care to ensure that the activities they are undertaking are carried out safely, with due consideration of the risk of harm to themselves or others, and in accordance with the relevant health and safety regulations. Visitors to our worktops are requested to observe safety signs and to co-operate with management in maintaining a safe place of work.

Our Health and Safety Policy will be reviewed on an annual basis or when circumstances indicate a review is necessary.

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