Panel Systems

Clinical Sink - IPS Style Boxed Out Duct

PANEL COMPOSITION: 18mm MR Chipboard Bonded with High Pressure laminate
FEATURES: Access Panels on Lift Off / Push On Clips or Locked and Hinged.
ENVIRONMENT: Dry / Moderate Abuse

Lam-Art boxed out duct panel systems are easily secured to any wall and provide easy maintainance by using hinged or removable panels.


The system is available as full height or to any specified height with a removable lid.


19mm MR MFC or 18mm MR Chipboard Bonded with High Pressure laminate. In wet locations such as shower rooms 13mm Solid Grade Compact Laminate should be used.

Edges can be supplied Post-formed, Edged with 2mm ABS or Edged with Laminate. Panels can be separated with a shadow gap detail or butted together to give a seamless look whilst but still allow access.

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